The Scenic Rim is the region for a historic pub and they are as diverse as the region itself! Here are five great pubs from Harrisville to Boonah, south-west of Brisbane. Ketchup’s Bank Glamping is right in the heart of the Scenic Rim, with all these great pubs only a short drive away! Make a daytrip out of it or choose your favourite and settle in for a nice lunch or dinner.

1. Royal Hotel Harrisville

The Royal Hotel in Harrisville is the feature of this little town. It is a classic Aussie country pub established in 1920, full of character and charm. Gorgeous vintage tram out the back too!

2. The Roadvale Hotel

10 minutes south of Harrisville you will find the newly revamped and renovated, Roadvale Hotel. A delicious menu from the award winning chef Daniel Gromeberg with a modern, classy vibe. Don’t forget to try their signature beer The Roadvale Rattler.

3. Royal Hotel Kalbar

Another 10 minutes west and you will find the lovely, quaint Kalbar and yes, another great pub! Royal Hotel Kalbar which dates back to 1900 is very popular locally and it is everything you would expect from an Aussie pub with a tasty, hearty menu.

4. Commercial Hotel Boonah

The Commercial is a prominent feature of Boonah’s High Street and it was one of the original buildings in the main street, dating back to 1905! Grab a drink up at the bar or dine in at Park St Kitchen. Lovely light and airy dining area with a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Dugandan Hotel

The ‘Dugie’ as it is affectionately known is the most local pub to Ketchup’s Bank Glamping and one of the oldest in the area. The beautiful Queenslander style building dates back to 1886! Classic pub menu with plenty of space to spread out.

All these pubs are between 15 and 50 minutes from Ketchup’s Blank Glamping where you can enjoy the serenity of your completely private, luxury Eco-tent or Tiny House Retreat. Head out and explore the Scenic Rim. You won’t regret it!